I love the great and mighty Ohio River. It has been a source of inspiration since my youth and even to this day. 

I am not going to  try to make you think that I have it all together. Life sometimes comes at me too fast . There is a very special place where I go to get off grid. I go  to be alone with my own thoughts . It is where I head  when my head hurts and I am trying to untangle my mind. There is where I meditate and pray. 

I often joke that  when I go down there I sit on a bucket and stare out over the river at Kentucky. I try to count my blessings instead of my problems.I always try to cheer myself up and what always works is I thank God that I am not a Kentuckian!

That old river has been a great river has been one of my cherished mentors for years. It seems that I learn  things about myself and life as I reflect upon its beauty. I could write a book about the things that it has taught me.  I  hope to do just that someday  and perhaps  share more riparian lessons if God allows.

I have my  camera with me and have taken hundreds of pictures of it  over the years . I see people do the same all the time. They take these pictures home and show friends and family of the river the Iroquois indians called "Oyo". that mean not a beautiful rive but the beautiful river. If we think about all the rivers they saw in their travels , that is quite a compliment to her!

One day as i was deep in thought and prayer 'the Lord gave me something I wish to share. I doubt if anyone every took a picture of the river banks and thought about how  awesome  they look.  They like many things in our lives are taken for granted. Yet, do not they give shape to this awesome river and allow if to do its thing.

As I sat here that day I  thought about my childhood town of Bristow. The many men and women who influenced me and are apart of me. Some taught me what  was right and true and others what not to do but all of them as  teachers unknowingly  preached with their lives.

I thought of all my teachers  and coaches over the years. They would prepare me and later  sent me on up higher in the state for higher learning. I had professors who pushed me and taught me to think . I thank God for all of the preachers whose words touched my life, and kept me grounded in my faith.

I am so blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful place.  My dad had to spend two and a half hours a day in a car  to allow us to live in Perry County. A few times over the years they thought about about moving to Newbugh . It would have changed the course of  my life. I was young and had  no clue what he did for 31 years as to allow us to grow up in" God's Country".

My mom worked  and sold worldbooks and Avon on the side to make ends meet and  help  withmy college expenses . She was the spiritual pillar in our family and made she we were in Gods house every Sunday. If I ever help anyone with my speaking or writing it flows back to my mom and is a part of her fruit. 

But wait there is more! There is someone I  think about and thank because everything has been by His mighty hand. God made this river! He also made all those  I love and care about. He made all those who help to make me and shape me and allowed our paths to cross. 

I hope this caused you to stop and think. Iknow some of those who you would like to thank has passed on. God is still on the throne! You can thank him for them and their influence in your life.  While you are at it , ask him to bring others in your life to help you find you way. Better yet, ask him to let you be a source of hope  and support to others.

If you do this for the right reasons, he will respond to this type of prayer. You can bank on it!


The river has great wisdom and whispers it's secrets to the hearts of men.                                                                                                            Mark Twain


What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt it is sure to get where it's poing , and it doesn't want to go anywhere else. 

                                                                                                      Hal Boyle


No man ever steps in the same river twice,for it is not the same river and he is not the same man .



We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations. 

                                                                                                     David Brower






Our house has country field stone along the bottom and white siding on top. The stones are 360 degrees around the house with their greatest height is in the rear .I put a trellis on both sides and plant morning glories at the base.


The back or our home faces east so these flowers must endure the early morning heat. The level of care I give to them is equal but the ones to the south side are in the heat much longer  and never do as well despite my best efforts.


By mid- August , they  have climbed high above the trellis and onto the rails on porch.Every morning I water them before i go off to work. i enjoy watching the bees and hummngbirds visit them. I am training these vines to grow and must often lessen their grip fow things that will stunt their growth.


The way our house is made a large two story deck juts out from the rear.The ones on the north side have it made in the shade. the flowers are the same , same trellis , same dirt , and the sames stones. the stones behind the trelis absorb the heat and  the flowers must also deal with this long after the sun has went down.

I think about all of us as i think this over. Some of us live in the limelight far more than others. I get up early and soak my mind in Gods word knowing this will help me with the heat and pressure before me.

There are many different kinds of heat . A young mom may have the same number of kids as the single mom across the street. She feels bad because they seemed to be doing so much better. She is not factoring in that she would be too if she had the same support system . There is another side. She may have other things  adding heat long after the sun sets as she sits and has to deal with a sick child, money problems ,or a dead beat relationship.


We all make mistakes and bad choices. The bad choices  come back on our  family. It  creates heat and pressure for them. It seems we as parents would be wise to wean our kids on the bible.They will have to make decisions for us as we age.You also want  life's very best for your beloved grandkids. God's word will prevent many heartaches if we not only read he words but heed them as well.


Imagine we hade a family member who  had a very special talent of gift. Let's say an movie star or pro athlete. They have made good choices and it seems God has blessed their socks off. They have it made in the shade! This fame, sucess,  and high visability will bring a level of pressure we canot fathom. Sure they can hop on a jet and visit islands we have never heard of. They cannot go in a store and buy toothpaste without it being a media event. This elevated state spreads to family and they wil have to fight off an  constant  requests from well wishers.


Let's see if we can be a source of refreshment today to someone today.  maybe a smile of a kind word at the right time with provide the shade they need to make it through the day.