Jun. 18, 2022


I walked along the riverbank
after the floodwaters had went down.

I was eager to see the newly collected debris ,
and if any treasures could be found.

A piece of pipe, an old ball, but then something bright blue
caught my eye.
It was an old sponge faded and unshaded soaking up the sun
high and dry.

The sponge looked hard and uncomfortable.
Here it could not accomplish what it was meant to do.
Life had sucked the life right out of it . No wonder it was blue.

It looked unhappy , and like it was out of place. I started to feel
strange and surprised as warm tears ran down my face.

This sponge without permission , started pulling emotions out of me
that I had pushed down and tried to hide.
It was though it had first squeezed and and later lubricated my soul lasting long
after my tears had dried.

Sometimes life sucks life right of me and it seemed the river had
laid out my problems out clearly for me to see.

I took the sponge down to the water and set it free. As it slowly floated away ,
I felt healing, strength, and strength returning to me.

I had been so caught up in life that I too had been carried away.
I was far from God and who I was and whose I was and
what I must do that day.

I will no longer live for me and do as I please . I will get get back in church
and soak my mind in God's word and spend more time upon my knees.

I will live for others and put God first. I will read those pages laid out for me
down through the ages and I am sure they will quench my thirst.

I watched the sponge until it faded out of sight and was far away.
God had used this wonderful river to deliver a cherished treasure
and message in a most mysterious way.

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our own tears once in awhile, so we can
see life with a clearer view again. Alex Tan