Why do I call this started? In my chosen profession , I have to take many hours of CE (contined education) to keep my license current. I take classes online sometime, but most are in larger group settings.

Take a look at the word, started.  Now lets  think of it as start ED. This word has always stood out to me. Education not about the word ,star but the fact that Jesus's life was anounced prior to his birth by a star, and ended on a cross(a little t).

Ok you are saying what has this have to do with me?  The day to day is our CE. Tomorrow is just around the  bend in the river of time .Sometimes we can learn things from fellow sojouners. We are learning each and everyday new things sometimes even things about ourselves .


Cairns are stacked rocks. They are often used to mark a trail showing someone has been on this trail and path before. There is something there that most do not realize as we walk by. They took a few minutes of their time on the behalf of others . They were trying to help !


Please look at the first picture you saw on this website. See now you know what those stacked rocks mean and what they are called. 

I love books , reading , and words. I am a writer. I check eyes during the day. I then use the money  to buy food and other needs for my family.

Along the way , a funny thing happened. I found much to my surprise a few enjoyed my style. A  few  books were sold here and there and that has led to more writing.


I will take speaking gigs from time to time but at heart, I prefer writing. I am inspired as well  as surprised when someones shares my efforts have blessed them and they look forward to my next book. Many pastors have told me the will often go browse  my books to obtain fresh and new insight as they prepare their own sermons.



I am not rich by any means in money that is, nor am I famous. In fact I often kid about writng a book on how to keep from doing both . It seems  that  I have that down pat!


All kidding aside, I have found great joy in writing. Many and most of the funds we take in are used to make money to feed the kids who are without food and shelter.


It would be an honor for me if you would like to tag along with me on my journey. by no means do I have it all figured out. I am on a quest to learn and am eager to share I have picked up along the way.


I have prayed for a long time to have a place where I could teach . I will do my best to speak about what I feel God puts on my heart and enjoy the freedom that many who teach these days do not have. 


There is nothing in this world we can talk about that is not under God's reign and power regardless if  the secular world knows this or not!


Jesus's  work is finished... ours... not the case. I want to show you how we can all pitch in and make a difference using our gifts, time and talents while we are here.


Someone once said it is better to light a candle than to cuss the darkness. I feel we all know our nation is in trouble and we need to do something. This world is in darkness and is getting darker each day. In faith, I raise my candle. If  these words( my little light) have shed a little light  to help you on your path, my prayers have been answered!