Aug. 14, 2021


We all know that Coke is Pepsi's biggest competitor, and we were unknowing asking for their product a four letter word, by name.

I grew up in southern Indiana. My family's choice of soft drink was Pepsi. If we would be eating out, we would ask for a coke. We gave not thought to this only because we just wanted a cola drink meaning what ever you carried, would be fine.

I met my wife beautiful wife Kim of almost 39 years, in college. Her dad, Tom Govert was a Pepsi executive who was the plant manager. He had worked his way up and had started at the bottom delivering bottled drinks on a truck route.

He took Kim and I out for lunch one day at a very nice restaurant. Gathered around this huge table were 15 or so high level Pepsi people as well. Kim was to my left and her dad left of her. I was talked to a blond haired guy to my right who liked to bowl. The waitress asked me my drink order during mid conversation. I asked for a coke. All conversation in the room stopped . You could have heard a pin drop(bowling joke) ! It was worse than cussing in church. Kim put an elbow in my side and as I quickly changed my order to an iced tea. They all starred at me especially her father.

I was still allowed to marry into this family. I would later learn that my back up answer was not the best either. Her dad viewed anything we use to satisfy our thirst as a competitor... even water.

He was loyal to his brand and was grateful for his ability to provide for his family thru their product and company.

I have thought about this this many times down thru the years. I think God is very jealous of anything that we use to replace our needs and desires , and to quench our thirst for him none! I feel when we say we love this or that and use this powerful word love so lo I am pretty sure it leaves a bad taste in God' s mouth.

Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshment may come from the presence of the Lord. Acts 3:19