Oct. 24, 2021


Years ago when our boys were quite young ,we were on vacation in Florida. We were in a gift shop and just browsing until the boys found what they wanted.

At one point , I picked up a small round candle holder. It was about the size of a baseball. It was made of plastic and had tiny mosaic pieces of several colors all the way round and looked like stained glass.

The reason I can describe the candle holder to you is because it is sitting on y bookcase. That candle holder holds a very special place in my heart because our oldest son ,Josh, bought it for me as he watched me pick it up in the store. He bought it for me using his own money and presented this present after we went outside and were about to leave.

I cannot remember shop or even the city we were in. I think the price was $2.95 but don't hold me to that . Time many details of that day.

It is one of my most treasured possessions. it has traveled with me with me several times as I speak in different in different churches. I put a small candle inside and since I am in the pulpit they see the light as red, green, blue, orange, or yellow because of their position . I ask for a show of hands as I question each color. I use this to explain we we are determines what we see. We are all correct but our answers are different because of where we are.

Sometimes we see people doing things and looking at things differently. As we mature ,we see that our view may not be the only one. Sometimes we are quick to judge their view as wrong , failing to factor they might be in a different place in their journey in life. Then I spin the the candle a time a time or two and ask again the colors they see. More times than not , their answer changes. If I took the time to ask them to move forward or backwards , again they would see the flame in a new light. As we move through life, we look at things differently. When we were 18, we were sure we had it all figured out. As we age ,we come to realize just how little we know.

Why can' others see this? They are just in a different place . They can't see what you see. They have no idea ,that nothing in this world can hold a candle to the joy of knowing Jesus. the exciting thing is that your words, prayers, or actions may just enough to allow them to see Jesus in a new and different light.

When we get to heaven the things that God has in store for us will never end. We will see colors this world does not know. There will be unparalleled joy and peace. Jesus is God's only son. He knew how much God loves us. There was a breech between us and our heavenly father. Jesus knew how precious we are to him. He laid down his life for us. A gift for his dad, if you will. He gave up his life to buy us with his blood. It is so clear to us who know Jesus and trust God to save us .

My prayer is that my words and your words as well, move others towards Jesus!

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.

Francis of Assisi

Mehmet Mural IIhan

What distinguishes a candle from all other lights is that it appeals to our soul , not our eyes.

Oscar Wilde

Mer color can speak to a soul in a thousand ways.