Nov. 25, 2021


Years ago, I read that we look at our watches several hundreds of times a day. I thought to myself, I don't think so. On occasions when I do not have it on, I wonder if that if not the case as I look again and again to my chagrin at my wrist sans watch!

It amazing to me how many things we do without giving any thought to them. An example would be turning the room lights on as we enter a room. We ourselves are amused when we do this even when we know the electricity is off.

More times than I would like to admit, I have left to hose running after filling up the horse troughs. I get busy and thought I did this but I just thought about it and was dead wrong. In fact, twice the water people called after a day or two asking if we had a swimming pool!

As we sit in our vehicle discussing this , we always say the same thing. We taught our boys this years ago and often they say it before we can. Would you bet our house on it? I am often turning around before they can finish the question.

As we all exit our homes , I think we all have went back to make sure the iron is off. We are almost sure we did but cannot remember if we did it or again thought about doing it. So we go back up the drive and about 11 times out of 10, we did.

Years ago I tried to buy something on the north end of town with a check. The young lady asked to see my ID. She asked if i was aware it had expired 6 months prior. It was a Wednesday and the 3-4 miles was the longest drive of my life. I signaled 500 feet before turning and make such complete stops it was funny all the while holding the wheel at the perfect ten and two position. if I was a Trooper I would pull me over, suspecting a problem. It seemed odd to me I didn't have a clue there was one . Once I knew , I knew I had to do something about it at once!

Satan will capture many souls and take with him many with him into hell. Many plan to do this but will put if off not knowing they will never get the chance to do so. You do not need to drive to the BMV. Just drop to your knees and talk to GOD...right now.

So my friend, I told you this just so I could ask you something. Are you saved? Would you bet you life on it? This is really easy to understand. If you are not sure, I am sure you are not. This is the most important decision of your entire life.

Ask and invite HIM into your life and give HIM your heart. Ask his son Jesus to be not just your lord but your savior. He will forgive every sin you have committed and cleans you with his blood. Then get into a bible-based church and be baptized.

Your name will be entered into the Book of life and you will be on your way to heaven. You can be sure of your salvation, and with that comes the awesome privilege and responsibility of telling others about Jesus.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

I have never known a man who received Christ and ever regretted it.

Billy Graham

Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles to watch your burn.

John Wesley