Feb. 3, 2022


It is a cold winter morning. Yesterday the weatherman and the groundhog both predicted upcoming bad weather. The date was 2/2/22. That was too cool! Today a large ice storm has shut us down as it covers a large area of the Midwest. I made a call yesterday to cancel all our morning patients and later to cancel evening patients as well. It was an easy decision and because many had called and cancelled beforehand as to be on the safe side.

Years ago, was a day very much like this one when I was in professional school in Bloomington Indiana. I ventured out to meet a person who wanted to buy my IU basketball tickets. Truth is, my wife and I were cutting it close, and we needed the cash. I am a good driver on snow, and I felt confident in my abilities. I set out with intentions of taking it slow and easy.

The problem was because I made a misdiagnosis! It was not snow but ice everywhere. My giant clue that this was not a good idea was that there was no other traffic out and about at that hour. As I topped a large hill on the southside of town, I knew I was in trouble. If I knew my black Buick Skylark could slide that fast, I would have entered in in the Olympics myself! It is a scary feeling indeed when you are no longer in control. It is not a matter of will I hit something but what will it be? Why do we fear losing control and yet we all know we never really are ever in control anyway?

I did my best and rear ended probably the only other driver out that day. As i slid down the hill, my car was picking up speed, I hit the back end of an old red Ford pick-up sitting at a stop light. God used that old truck to stop me and keep me from sliding out into the intersection. It was not a hard crash. It didn't hurt either of us. The other driver could not have been any more kind. He didn't lecture me or ask for any money or exchange of insurance. I was all shook up and was almost sick when I saw the front of my car. I did not pick up much that day just several pieces of my grill and a little of my pride scattered here and there. . Sometimes it takes a while for the mess to age and thus become ....a message.

Why am sharing this? I think we all have things to share. My life has been richly blessed by friends, family, and others brave enough to share their mistakes. I learned something that day that has helped me in many such days since. I pass it on with the hope that you will pass on moving out and about in similar situations. agreed, I know you do not want to miss a day of work, but would that be better than losing the rest of them?

I feel that the truth I am trying to convey here has slid right past you. This is not so much about safe driving tip as it is a call to you to have the courage to tell others your stories. Yes, there are times to stay put. There are other times when you should put your pride aside and tell your stories for God's glory...to help his people. There will be those who will not understand you. They will tell you to cool it. They are afraid of not being seen as all together, calm, cool and collected. The fences they have put up, also keep people from getting closer to them. They will never know the joy when you share your weakness in such a time, way and place that you know it warms God's heart as well as yours as you do. It is exciting that God can use our crashes and burns to help others learn. I dare you to speak up. This will drive Satan crazy!

Enough experience will make you wise.

James R. Cook

There is no delight in owning anything unshared.


We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we borrow.

Woodrow Wilson

Sometimes the medicine bottle says,' Shake well before using'. That is what God has to do

with some of his people. He has to shake them well before they are useable.

Vance Havner

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

George Bernard Shaw