Jun. 3, 2022


One of the chores pending is to water the plants inside our house. Most of them are in the sun room but they are many and they are at different levels. I am always amazed at how much water it takes to keep them healthy and alive. I am also amazed at how much water I spill in transport. Often as I do this, I look out through the window at the beautiful woods and ponder how much water each tree must have daily just to survive. We seldom think of this or thank God for doing this for us, not only in our yards but all over the world .

I am off today. I plan to just do a few fiddle piddle projects around the house. I really enjoy yard work and really think this helps to keep me grounded (pun intended). As I go about these various chores, I often think and wish there was a National Piddle Championship. I think I would be primed and ready for this right now since I have been practicing for many years.

Sometimes I will take potted plant outside to the porch . This allows them to feel the sun's warmth directly as opposed to filtered through the window. I am always amazed at the way the the plant responds to this. It grows at such a much faster rate and looks so much more healthy in just weeks.

I will have planted this analogy in your mind to try to convince you to pick up your Bible and begin reading it for yourself. I promise that if you pick up God's word and read it daily it will give you a pick up like no other. Your faith will grow by leaps and bounds . God has given this world many gifted teacher, preachers , and musicians who seek to give him glory and make Him known. They are planted by him in various places and at different levels to help nurture, grow , and tweak your faith. This is all well and good but you need to hear from him yourself. His unfiltered thoughts will be pure and will slowly soak into your heart and mind. He will talk to your heart directly and in such a way a that you will find hope, encouragement, direction and most of all peace.

I assure you that the most gifted preacher on this planet is no match for helping your faith along as reading God's word for yourself . The ones that are for Him and from Him would be the first to agree! May you be grounded in Him!

The Bible is not an option; it is a necessity. You cannot grow spiritually strong without it.

Billy Graham

Our creator would have never made such lovely days and have given us deep hearts to enjoy them unless we were meant to be immortal. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Our Bible's aren't meant to sit on our shelves in pristine condition but are meant to be worn down with daily use.

Michael Youssef