Jul. 30, 2022


These words are in my head and I have carried around with me for quite awhile. I am a little frustrated this morning and maybe just enough pissed off to speak the truth! I cannot remember the name of the radio jockey that used to have callers call in with things that were discussed that chapped their hide.

I turned 64 years old a few days ago. I am old school and proud of it. Things were a lot different back then and in many ways much better. I cannot open a door to a gas station or the mall without looking behind me to hold the door for anyone coming up behind me. The reason I know to do this is that is those manners were taught to me as I was growing up.

I listened to it a few times but usually went to a different channel. I chose to listen to music or better yet things that were positive or upbeat. So at the risk of being whinny myself , I would like to share something with you you may have never thought about or learned.

Not long ago, I was at a wedding and I was talking to someone and I shook hands with another as they passed by. I thought to myself my parents would pull my ears and give me an earful for not standing when I greet another. It is ingrained and I was trained and it stays with you. I almost always arise to the occasion as I greet a new patient showing respect whether is an elderly person or a seven year old. Often a patient will stand as they greet me and even though

If I am walking up to door and the young person opens it and slithers through like a snake, I want to grab the back of their shirt and give the the' what for' speech. I have come to learn that it is not their fault! They were not taught this back home and I wonder what else the internet and Facebook has failed to teach them.

I never met their folks, when they rise I know they were raised right.

When I first learned to play golf a guy yelled at me as I was walking while another was putting. My tall and long shadow passed over the hole and his line . I was embarrassed and felt stupid ! I was taught one of golf's not to do's in such a way it still chaps my hide. That day and that way tells me grabbing the kid is not the way to teach or reach. Maybe if you feel these words are worthy and grab you, we can share with others in a more gentle way.

Even if they do call in a few minutes before, it still robs us of income and even worse a spot that could have been used to help another.

I have thrown a few warm up pitches to set you up for a fast ball right at your head! I am shocked at the number of people who will make appointments at medical practices and not show up. They do not have a clue how rude and selfish this is. They have take a very choice chunks of time from people who make their living with them. This spot has been saved for them and kept others from getting seen that day and they don't use it or call in to let us know.

I really feel they have no idea how this works where I work. Not long ago I heard an elderly lady complain how rich and greedy doctors are these days. They book so many patient and of course kept her waiting. This of course chapped her hide. I tried to explain that if everyone would show, it would be a perfect world . We could stay on schedule and there would be far less stress for patients and medical staff as well. We know that some will not keep their word. I need you to read that sentence one more time. What? My word? There was the fastball. Blew it right past your eyes.

The last time you made a eye appt you gave us your word. We put your name on a valuable spot. In my eyes, it was your word saying you would be there at that time and date. We put it there in good faith that you would would keep your word and ours as well as we saved it for you. The bible says God abhors (look up that word) the man who does not keep his word. If you are one of these, my prayer is that this really chaps your hide. Somebody should have tanned yours and fixed this long ago. if no one ever taught you this I apologize to you and I apologize and stand corrected but so do you from now on.

I grew up in a home that did not know the rules of golf but I was taught this and many other things. I hope this will be passed on and along to my grandkids and who knows maybe yours. I give every person out there who uses an appointment book and sells time before the service(clockwork) my permission to make a copy of this. We should put it up on the wall and maybe even send to chronic no shows.

As long as I am laying all the cards on the table , I want to share this. I have been checking eyes for 37 plus years and have found preachers and people who profess to be followers of Jesus and their families are perhaps the worst! They are not bad folks they just do not know what they do! They are God fearing folks and would never walk in a bank or any place of business and take even a dime. They have never been taught this is liking walking in an office and taking two hundred dollars away from that cash drawer. It was to be used to pay the staff wages bonuses and such which if affecting many indirectly by their lack of integrity. I cannot remember a time in my life where heard a preacher discuss this from the pulpit. I think it is about time.

I have had things come up and had to cancel appointments myself at the last minute. Things come up and life brings many surprises . There are good excuses but there or just way too many people who over commit to their own appt book and lives. Every time this has happened, I call in and offer to pay for it even thought I did not show. I had only one ever ask me to do this and I did. Once in awhile a patient will call and apologize to my girls and offer to do the same. I have never asked them to do this but it shows me we they were raised right!

Bob Seger

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

The best thing you can give your children , next to good habits , are good memories.

Sydney J. Harris

Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.

Daniel J. Boorstin

Nothing speaks louder or more powerful than a life of integrity.

Charles Swindoll

Showing up is 80% of life .

Woody Allen

David Jeremiah

The irony of truth is that the greater potential of offense , the greater it's potential of giving hope.