Aug. 6, 2022


Our youngest son, Jarah, is very gifted in many ways. His great at fixing things and putting them together...correctly.

In fact so much that I have wondered at times if he indeed my son and considered a blood test.

I wish I was one of those guys that can do this but that is not the case. You see I am like Tim the tool man! often joke with patients about this in the office. I do not know how it all works but Jarah got this passed down thru me but also around me from my dad. I had had a mechanical by pass. Jarah is much like his grandpa which he never got to meet...yet.

We grew up in a home with a modest income. We were not rich or poor but at times things were tight.

So now we have locks on our house with a keypad. The days of keys are behind us. Jarah has also put locks on our cabin down on the river. He can lock and unlock the door thru the internet and his phone. He set up my phone to do likewise, but please do not tell him that this WIFI stuff is way over my head ;).

MY dad worked for 31 years at ALCOA . I have that belt buckle in my office that says ALCOA on it. I hold it in my hand when I need to buckle down with some aspect of my life or faith. My dad was not a regular church goer but he lived the other six days of the week like some of the others did just on Sunday morning. He is and will always be my hero.

This past week , I came home over the lunch hour to let our dog Skyler out for a bathroom break. I had been delayed at work and as always in a rush. I entered the garage and put the code in and nothing happened. So I pushed the sequence in again and nothing happened. I must have tried this 8-9 times and then I tried something old school. I turned the knob on the door and it opened right up. I had forgotten something I learned long ago. You cannot unlock something that is not locked. the next time someone tells you you can do anything you put your mid to, feel free to use this.

Truthfully as this is tossed around , I wonder and worry about those that are also unaware they are in danger of hell. because they do not realize there is something broken! It is as if we are all trapped and locked in a place soon to be destroyed . Sin entered the world through a man named Adam. Imagine that the letter 'I' could talk. Let' say it is in the word 'sin' but somehow feels it is not a part of it. Now the two letters ' in' and n' chime in and claim the they are aware they are in the word' sin' but yet not involved or a part of it. My word! that is an interesting and also a weak argument. We all are sinners . The Bible not only explains to us but warns us as well that all is not well.

In the office ,I often quote and old country sayin. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am amazed at how many young people never heard of this. I know I should not say ain't but I will continue to do so until it ain't in the dictionary. Unless they have read this blog, they are unaware that I can't fix anything anyway.

God sent his son to cleanse us with his blood. If you do not know Jesus and claim him as both your lord and savior, you will be locked out of heaven. Imagine you as a felon in a cell. You are on death row. Stop imagining this my friend because that is indeed your case and your fate. Here is the kicker. You don't need to kick down the door or try to find a key or a keypad sequence. It is already open!

We will all die in our sins but I want to tell you something need to know.

If you type or text the numbers 53787 (JESUS) on your phone, nothing will happen. However if you call on his mighty name, is is the smartest and best call you will ever make.

Jesus is that door . If you give your life to him, you will one of the few that figured out how to get out of this place alive!

Death will not faze us, if his blood has bathed us.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but who does not believe is condemned already because he has not

believed in the name of God's one and only Son. John 3:18


From a man's face , I can read his character; if I can see his walk ,I know his thoughts.