Aug. 20, 2022


I love to read. I tend to stay on one book and dog it all the way through. Like you , I am a creature of habit and just like you not all of them are good.This old dog is trying to learn some new tricks. I think it is good to change things up a bit now and then as we try to improve evolve and change ourselves hopefuly for the better.

So I have in the last few years jumped around a little from book to book sometimes as many as three.

It was hard for me at first but I am making a little head way. This has spilled over into my writing as well. It has allowed me to be more creative as I allow myself to bounce around. I keep some of these stories that are not really a part of my next book in a shoebox in case their day should come.Years ago this would have not been an option for me. I now fully embrace this and actually enjoy it.

I think we all handcuff ourselves and personal growth is lacking often from pressure and restrictions we place upon ourselves.So now I double dog dare you to shake things up a bit in your own life. Sit in a different pew in church and on the other side. Drive to work and home all next week a different way . Get off the beaten path and see new things maybe even in your same neighborhood.

This little hodgepoge many not make sense at all to you and thats ok. Years ago I was spending way too much time about people who did not care about me anyone. I am way past that ! It is my personal junk drawer if you will . From time time I might tell a funny or pass along a joke. I might share a new word that I ran across .

I am fighting the urge to end this with a quote . I love quotes and almost always do that. I can off the top of my head think of three that would really pull this together.It is quite refreshing to go against my own grain and brain. Nope, not today!

I try to be a source of light with the gifts and personality God has given me. I notice most of the lights in my office and home the bulbs need to be screwed in and most often up to work. I am screwed up and proud of it .