Nov. 4, 2022


I love to deer hunt . I have done this since my youth. Much conversation in the office is about this especially as the season nears. Many fellow hunters pull out their phones and are eager to share pictures of big bucks taken by their trail cams.

I have learned much from the lessons and stories of others and hope that maybe I have done the same for others.. I have made more than my fair share of screw ups and am not afraid to share them.

I feel close to him in nature. I am high up in a tree not in heaven mind you but not on earth either! I see the work of his hands and there it is quite. I can hear his voice .. Many of the ideas he gives to me as I write for him are shared with me and no trophy buck I might ever get will compare to being in his presence. It is a peace like no other and I do not want to ever leave .

I love to worship as well. I have always felt closer to God in a tree stand than any building I have ever been in. I have said this many times over the years. Many other hunters tell me they feel the same way. This could be taken out of context and twisted to imply I am enjoying creation more than my creator. I promise that is not what I am saying at all.

Not all hunts are blissful mind you. I have many time carried my problems out in the woods with me along with all my other gear. It seems Satan can climb up a ladder stand as well and some hunts can be hell. I feel close to my dad as well when I am in the woods. I remember the lessons he passed on and down to me. I feel close to him and play those memories and precious hours together as I sit in total silence. If I move to quickly or bump my barrel of my gun making a slight click , I scold myself. I smile knowing the look he would have given me for such a racket.

One time I was walking back from a stand 500 yards or so back to our house. I think I was missing my dad maybe a little more that particular day. I changed the way I was carrying my shotgun and held it like my dad always did. I cut across our horse pasture to shorten the distance. I was watching our horses grazing in the field. I looked at the huge muscles in their legs and thought of their strength , speed, power, and leaping ability. I thought how they must be amused by the feats of men in which men get trophies and accolades .

A big red tailed hawk whistled high above as I watched him pass over heading south and reminding me of scripture at the same time. I felt a little nudge from God right then allowing me to know he was right there and was trying to show me something. I thought how the hawk must feel sorry for me as he watched me far below huffing and puffing as I slowly trudged across the pasture. He must think, 'Those poor humans . They cannot even fly and they cannot see. They think 20/20 is good vision! I can read the date on a dime at 3/4 of a mile. It's no wonder they run into such much trouble."

I know my friend , hawks and horses may not reason like that. However , there is a story in your bible where a donkey not only sees something a man could not but talks and explains the problem to him.

As these thoughts circled in my mind the hawk circled over again. I wondered if he wanted to make sure the big blind mole found his way back.

Then I thought of something that I have never thought of before. It is true we are not all that fast. We cannot fly and our best feats of speed and power are puny in comparison to many other creatures God has made. At that moment and yet to this day I feel a little sorry for them. They will never know how wonderful it is to have a good old belly laugh. I love the sound of laughter and I think one of Gods greatest gifts which is often under appreciated at least in us adults. Children laugh all the time. They are not afraid to laugh or care even when they snort while doing so. When I hear someone laughing it reminds me of this hunt and this lesson. We all need to seek out humor. I promise, it's good for us. I think it is one of the best sounds God ever created.

I find it both interesting and amusing what people thinks is funny. I am always cracking silly jokes with patients and family. I sometimes cannot tell if they are laughing at me or with me but I could care less. I love that sound and I am after the laughter!

There is another side to humor that I think people often miss. The harder we laugh sometimes is because it hits close to home. Many truths are hidden in jokes and comedy. After the laughter, think about why you laughed . You might just find there was a treasure or helpful insight for you to ponder and or share.

Are you the one who makes the hawk soar and spread it's wings to the south?

Job 39:36

You don't stop laughing because you get older. You grow older because you stop laughing.

Maurice Chevalier

No one would have been invited to dinner as often as Jesus was unless he was interesting and had a sense of humor.

Charles M. Schultz

One nice thing about telling a clean joke there's a good chance no one's heard it before.

Doug Larson

Then the Lord caused the donkey to speak. Numbers 22:28

The kind of humor I like is the thing that makes me laugh for five seconds and think for ten minutes.

William Davis