Nov. 5, 2022


My father worked in a factory and was a welder. He never once gave a sermon or served as deacon or elder. Still his lessons are taught and shared with other men. They are stored in his son's heart and often are leaked onto paper from a pen.

Lessons such as , when a heart surgeon is giving credit for saving a man's life by repairing his heart. Did not the mechanic who fixed the doctor's car and the electrician whose efforts allowed the machines to work also play a part?

His roundabout way of teaching amazes me . He always was telling me to peel my eyes and try to see what else was there and what the others could not see.

Here is what from this must be understood. The things we do and say will outlive us and travel much farther than we would have ever dreamed they could.

The wise are known for their understanding , and instruction is appreciated if it's well presented.

Proverbs 16:21